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Welcome to RPF Canada!

This community is a central location for the sharing of RPF featuring one or more Canadians. (If you don't know what RPF is, then this is probably not the place for you. If you disapprove of RPF, this is definitely not the place for you.)

It is also okay to post "ficfinder" searches here if you're looking for a particular RPF story or type of story. We are here to serve your RPF needs.


1. This community welcomes gen, het, slash, femslash, and bitextual RPF. All ratings, pairings and genres are accepted.

2. At least one of the main characters in the story must be Canadian -- whether born, raised, or residing in Canada, or self-identifying as Canadian, even if currently residing elsewhere.

3. You can either post the full text of your story here (in which case, please use an lj-cut) or post a link to the story on your own LJ or elsewhere. Please provide standard header information outside the cut.

4. Please tag fic posts with the pairing(s) as well as names of individual Canadian main characters, and with the source media (if applicable).

5. All posts in this community will automatically be friends-locked.

6. No flaming, trolling, or spamming. Violators will be banned.

7. Membership in this community is moderated. If your LJ profile and journal entries do not indicate interests compatible with this community, your membership may not be approved. This precaution is intended to ensure that only persons who appreciate RPF are allowed posting access. We are aware that there are people who disapprove of RPF, and while they are welcome to voice that disapproval, this is not the place to do so.